Chirurgie des Oreilles (Otoplastie)

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COSMETIC EAR SURGERY, EAR PLUGGING, OTOPLASTY IN MONTREAL QUEBEC AND OTTAWA Otoplasty or cosmetic ear surgery is used to correct a form of abnormality of protruding or malformed ears. Dr. Doumit is particularly interested in the correction of protruding ears and performs two to five otoplasties or “ear-gluing” or prauminaurus treatment per week. Dr. Doumit uses ear surgery techniques that recreate the natural shape of the ear, while bringing balance and proportion to the ears and face. Doctor Doumit wrote a chapter in a textbook on cosmetic surgery about otoplasty (putting the ears back together). Replacing the ears can provide great psychological benefits. Many adults have undergone cosmetic ear surgery after realizing that their ears protrude beyond normal. Correcting minor deformities can even improve appearance and boost self-esteem. Otoplasty is especially beneficial for young children who are teased by classmates because of their ears.

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Les candidats parfaits pour subir une chirurgie esthétique de l’oreille (otoplastie) sont : – en général, les patients âgés de cinq ans ou plus ; – des personnes en bonne santé qui ne souffrent pas d’une maladie mettant leur vie en danger ou d’un problème médical compromettant leur guérison. Les patients ne doivent pas prendre d’anticoagulants.

Qu’est-ce Qui Cause La Saillie Des Oreilles ?

The normal distance from the edge of the ear to the skin behind the ear is approximately 12 mm in the upper part, 18 mm in the middle and 22 mm for the lower part of the ear. There are three anatomical features that cause the ear to protrude. Most often, there is a lack of development of the antihelical fold, a fold in the upper part of the ear. The other two reasons are a deep, hollow concha (cavity in the pinna where the ear canal opens) and an advancement of the lobule of the outer ear. All these problems add up to the protrusion of the ear.

A Quel Âge L’otoplastie Est-elle Pratiquée ?

Ear pinning is best done when the child is at the preschool level – between 5 and 7 years old. This constitutes the most common time for correction and continues through the childhood years. The vast majority of children will tolerate otoplasty under local anesthesia without sedation after the age of 6 years. Otoplasty is becoming more and more common among adults. It is performed under local anesthesia, unless the patient advises otherwise.

Comment La Chirurgie Esthétique De L’oreille (Otoplastie) Est-elle Réalisée ?

Dr. Doumit performs the vast majority of ear pinning surgery under local anesthesia. He performs the otoplasty by making a hidden incision in the natural crease behind the ear. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes per ear.  During surgery, he creates the missing ear folds (the antihelical) with permanent internal stitches in the ear cartilage. He or she may also remove a small piece of cartilage to correct a deep concha (a deep cut in the ear). Finally, he puts the ears in the correct position in relation to their distance from the head. He closes the incision with an absorbable suture.

À Quels Résultats Devrais-je M’attendre ?

The results of ear surgery are long-lasting. The final result should be noticeable within a few weeks of surgery.

En Quoi La Récupération Consiste-t-elle ?

A bandage is placed on the ears for 3 to 7 days to help reduce swelling that occurs in the ear after surgery. The pain is very limited. There is no pain after the first day of surgery. Children can return to school within a week and adults return to work within 3 to 5 days. All stitches behind the ear dissolve, and there are no sutures to remove.  Bruising and swelling disappear ten days after otoplasty. The patient can shower and wash their hair 3 days after surgery. Dr. Doumit recommends wearing a headband around your head to sleep for four weeks after ear pinning.

La Chirurgie Esthétique De L ‘oreille (Otoplastie) Est-elle Sûre?

All surgical procedures carry some risks. Possible complications of cosmetic ear surgery include: recurrence, bleeding, swelling, pain, ear asymmetry (rare).

Quels Sont Les Prix De L’otoplastie (Promotions)?

Otoplasty (One Ear): $3000

Otoplasty (Two Ears): $5500.

Ear Lobule Repair (One Ear): $1000.

Ear Lobule Repair (Two Ears): $1500.

Repair « Stretch Lobule (Spreader – Two Ears): $3200.

Repair « Stretch Lobule (Spreader – One Ear): $2000.