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Chin Augmentation Surgery Montreal, QC

Dr. Doumit is an internationally recognized leader in facial surgery. He has authored a few plastic surgery textbook chapters and articles on facial and chin implant surgery. He has also been invited to give numerous lectures, panel lectures, and teaching courses in the U.S. and Europe. He currently chairs a major facial surgery course in the US biannually. Facial balance enhances a patient’s attractiveness because the human eye looks for equal proportions. An important part of the facial profile is the chin. Chin implants help improve the contour of a weak chin, achieving a harmonious balance to the facial features and therefore enhancing attractiveness. Both men and women who desire a stronger facial profile can use Chin implants. Chin implant surgery, also called chin augmentation, is best performed when the patient has reached facial skeletal maturity. In females, this is usually 18 years of age. However, in males, this is usually 20 years of age.

Dr. Doumit uses porous polyethylene chin implants frequently as they can be customized to the patient’s anatomy. Those implants provide an esthetically pleasing appearance, are very well tolerated by patients, and have a great safety record. Different sizes are available to achieve the desired degree of projection depending on the patient’s desires. Porous polyethylene implants are permanent, and they provide a natural-looking solution for patients with small chins. Dr. Doumit performs occasionally this procedure in conjunction with jawline implants. Patients with a weak chin often have a weak jawline. Hence, some patients benefit from mandibular implants to increase the width of their jaw at the time of their chin surgery. To achieve ideal facial proportions, chin augmentation is occasionally performed in conjunction with nose surgery (rhinoplasty). Dr. Doumit may also recommend both procedures to enhance the proportions of the patient’s facial features.

About one year ago, I had a jaw augmentation with Dr. Doumit. Being a woman, I wanted it to be subtle yet address the deficiency I had. The surgery went great, and I’ve been very happy with the results. Thank you for your great care.

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Dr. Doumit performs all chin augmentation with implants through a small skin incision under the chin. The chin is exposed. The implant is positioned on the front of the chin. Dr. Doumit then fixes the implant to the chin with a screw making the chin implant impossible to shift out of the ideal position.  Some surgeons perform their chin augmentation through a cut inside the mouth. Dr. Doumit feels this surgical approach will increase the risk of infection unnecessarily by exposing the implant to bacteria. The incision is then sutured closed. The scar becomes imperceptible over time. Chin augmentation does not affect the bite or chewing.


Chin augmentation is an outpatient procedure. A chin implant surgery is a simple procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia with sedation. Chin augmentation takes about an hour or less to perform. The patient will wear a compression bandage for some time to reduce swelling and ensure proper healing. Chin augmentation is associated with mild discomfort only. Pain is very well controlled with analgesics. Cold compresses on the area are soothing and they will help minimize swelling and bruising, which are minimal. Patients will resume their diet slowly on the day of the surgery.

Chin Bone Surgery, Genioplasty

Instead of an implant, Dr. Doumit can cut the chin and then he may advance, widen, or have its height augmented. A prominent chin can also be corrected by burring out some bone. Chin surgery can result in a striking change to a patient’s profile.


  • Silicone Chin Implant: 4950 $ (under local anesthesia)
  • Porous Polyethylene Chin Implant: 7500 $
  • Osseous Genioplasty: 8500 $