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Rhinoplasty, also known as nose reshaping or cosmetic nose surgery, corrects cosmetic imperfections and improves the proportions of the nose – enhancing facial harmony, facial beauty, and self-confidence. Rhinoplasty Montreal may also improve breathing difficulties. For best rhinoplasty results, the plastic surgeon performing the procedure must have an artistic vision, advanced surgical skills, and extensive experience with nasal surgery. Dr. Doumit has many years of experience producing pleasing and natural-looking results. Dr. Doumit has a passion for rhinoplasty, and he has written journal articles and textbook chapters on rhinoplasty for plastic surgeons. Dr Doumit performs over 100 closed rhinoplasty per year.

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Patients usually complain of one or more of the following nasal features: oversized nose, asymmetrical or crooked nose, wide nose, large or bulbous tip, droopy or upturned tip, and deviated septum. During the consultation, Dr. Doumit will listen carefully to your concerns about your nose and formulate a surgical plan that is consistent with your desires, nasal anatomy, and as they relate to the context of your entire face. Dr. Doumit will explain in detail the specifics of your nasal anatomy and the best surgical approach to provide you with a nose that is natural-looking, functions well for breathing, and gives you the shortest healing time.

The vast majority of cosmetic nose surgeries are performed in teenagers and young adults. However, Dr. Doumit will not operate on a patient’s nose until a year after it has stopped developing. There is also an increasing number of patients from their 30s to their 60s are having rhinoplasty. Shorter healing time and natural-looking results have encouraged many of these older patients to proceed with surgery.


Dr. Doumit will take photos of your nose to allow for computer morphing demonstrating the intended changes, having an understanding the result can never be guaranteed exactly.
Dr. Doumit may order laboratory testing and a full medical evaluation. Dr. Doumit will ask his patients to stop smoking well in advance of surgery and to refrain from taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal products for three weeks before and one week after surgery due to increased risk of bleeding.


Rhinoplasty Montreal is performed on an outpatient basis. Cosmetic nose surgery generally takes two hours. Dr. Doumit performs both closed and open techniques as appropriate for the individual. During closed rhinoplasty, Dr. Doumit keeps all incisions inside the nose. During open rhinoplasty, Dr. Doumit makes an additional incision across the small strip of skin (columella) separating the nostrils and the rest of the incision is similar to the closed approach. The open rhinoplasty will leave a very minor scar across the columella (tends to fade with time) but it permits superior access to the underlying nasal structures. Through the incision, Dr. Doumit sculpts the tip and mid-vault cartilages, nasal bones, and septum to the desired shape (ex. smooth out any dorsal bumps, reshapes cartilage to refine the nasal tip, narrow the nose, straighten deviated nasal septum…). Dr. Doumit’s rhinoplasty technique maintains the architectural integrity of the nose over time. This contributes to a very natural-looking nose and preserves the function of the nose. When the original anatomy of the nose is deficient in architectural integrity, Dr. Doumit will rebuild the nose by typically using cartilage from the septum (the division in the middle of the nose) or very rarely, a piece of cartilage from the ear and even more rarely, a section of rib cartilage (for severe nasal deformities). Once the nasal structures are structures, the nasal skin is redraped and the incision is closed with resorbable suture. Additional incisions may be placed in the natural creases of the nostrils to alter their size.


Dr. Doumit may place external and internal splints to support the nose as it begins to heal for 5 to 7 days following surgery. Patients need to sleep with their heads elevated following surgery. Ice compresses will help with swelling. Your stitches are self-absorbing and they will not need to be removed. Swelling and stuffiness of the nose is common for the first few weeks following surgery. Most patients return to school or work after 1 to 2 weeks. Full athletic activities can be resumed in 3 weeks and contact sport in 6 weeks.


Rhinoplasty can dramatically change your appearance. The nose will look significantly improved when the splint is removed although there will be bruising and swelling. It may take up to a year for the full swelling to subside and for your new nasal shape to fully refined. However, patients often notice and enjoy their new appearance within weeks of surgery.


Each year, thousands of individuals undergo successful cosmetic nose surgery. Yet, all surgical procedures involve some risk. Complications are uncommon but they may include infection, bleeding, swelling and bruising around the eyes and difficulty breathing (temporary due to swelling).


The cost of rhinoplasty in Montreal varies according to the complexity of the surgery that needs to be performed.

It is usually:

  • Primary rhinoplasty: Starting at $9900
  • Ear cartilage graft: $2000 (usually for Asian or Black patients)
  • Secondary rhinoplasty: Starting at $13500