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Otoplasty, cosmetic ear surgery, corrects an abnormal shape, or prominent or protruding ears. Dr. Doumit is particularly interested in the correction of prominent ears and performs two to five otoplasties or “ear pinning” per week. Dr. Doumit performs ear surgery techniques that generate a natural contour and improve ears and facial symmetry. Dr. Doumit has authored a plastic surgery textbook chapter on otoplasty (ear pinning). Significant psychological advantages can be provided with ear pinning surgery. Children who get teased by their schoolmates regarding their prominent ears benefit tremendously. Many adults who feel self-conscious about their protruding ears undergo and benefit from otoplasty. Even the correction of small malformations can enhance appearance and help boost one’s self-confidence.

Before and After Photos

Ideal Candidate

Typically patients are five years of age or older. Healthy individuals who do not have a life-threatening illness or medical condition that impair healing. Patients cannot be on blood thinners.

Causes of Ear Protrusions

The normal distance from the ear rim to the skin behind the ear is about 12mm at the top, 18 mm at the middle, and 22 mm at the lower part of the ear. Three anatomical features cause the protrusion of the ear. Most commonly, there is a lack of development of the anti-helical fold, a fold at the top of the ear. The other two reasons are a deep concha (cup) and a protruding lobule of the external ear.  All of these problems will add to the protrusion of the ear.

Ideal Treatment Age

Ear Pinning is ideally carried when the patient is between the age of 5 thru 7. Nonetheless, otoplasty is regularly performed through childhood years and adulthood. The vast majority of children will tolerate otoplasty under local anesthesia without sedation after the age of 6. Adult otoplasty surgery is becoming more common. It is performed under local anesthesia unless the patient desires otherwise.

Surgery Details

Dr. Doumit performs the vast majority of ear pinning surgery under local anesthesia. Dr. Doumit performs otoplasty with an incision placed in the natural crease behind the ear. The procedure lasts about 30 minutes for each ear. During the surgery, Dr. Doumit creates the missing ear folds (antihelix) with permanent internal stitches in the cartilage of the ear.  He also might remove a small piece of cartilage to correct a deep concha (a deep cup of the ear). Finally, Dr. Doumit put the ears in the correct position relative to their distance from the head. He closes the incision with a resorbable suture.


Results from ear surgery are long-lasting. The final result should be apparent within a few weeks following surgery.


A bandage is placed over the ears for 3 to 7 days to help reduce swelling that occurs in the ear following surgery. Pain is very limited. There is no pain after the first day of surgery. Children can return to school in one week and adults return to work in 3 to 5 days. All of the stitches behind the ear dissolve. There are no sutures to be removed. Bruising and swelling are gone by ten days after otoplasty. The patient can shower and wash their hair in 3 days after surgery. Dr. Doumit recommends that you wear a headband to sleep for 4 weeks after ear pinning.


All surgical procedures carry some risk. Possible complications from cosmetic ear surgery include Recurrence, bleeding, swelling, pain, and asymmetry of ears (rare).


  • Otoplasty (one ear): 3000$
  • Otoplasty(two ears): 5500$.
  • Ear Lobule repair (one ear): $1000
  • Ear Lobule repair (two ears): 1500$
  • Repair “Stretch Lobule (- Two Ears): 3000$.
  • Repair “Stretch Lobule (- Two Ears): 2000$.