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Micro Laser Peel Montreal, QC

MICRO LASER PEEL The Micro Laser Peel procedure is the ideal treatment that can be done in between Microdermabrasion and Full Skin Resurfacing Micro Laser Peel treatment. This procedure was tailored for patients desiring more than microdermabrasion or light chemical peels, and for those who have a short amount of time for the healing process. The following skin conditions can be treated with a Micro Laser Peel (MLP): cicatrices, wrinkles, acne scars, laxity on the face, neck, and chest, pigmentation problems, and keratosis. Plastic Surgeons and dermatologists strongly approve that microdermabrasion only takes off the patient’s dead cells called the stratum corneum and that the MLP is much more remarkable.

The Micro Laser Peel is a partial epidermal peel 10-50 microns deep. This procedure is the ideal step for patients who are seeking visible outcomes that are in between microdermabrasion and full skin resurfacing since the Micro Laser Peel ablates more profoundly into the epidermis. Normally, this treatment is done two to four times, six to eight weeks apart from each other. Hence, many peels may be required to reach the desired result. Furthermore, healing requires at least three to four days.

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For example, if the procedure is performed on a Thursday or Friday, the person receiving the treatment can return to work the subsequent Monday.  Right after a Micro Laser Peel treatment, symptoms are similar to those of sunburn, with minor sloughing on the second day. Redness will slowly disappear on the third day and on the fourth day, the patient can easily hide it with makeup. A negligible degree of pain can be experienced and can be addressed, if needed, with pain relievers bought without a prescription.


Micro Laser Peel is a minimal to full epidermal laser peel, which clears out the farthermost layers of the skin. This procedure is personally designed to the nature of the problem to be rectified: keratosis, cicatrices, wrinkles, or pigmentation issues.

Ideal Candidate

Any patient who desires a fresher and tighter appearance and who is looking to pursue a more intense approach that does not require an extended healing period of time of a full chemical peel.


Firstly, whereas microdermabrasion only clears off the outer layer (stratum corneum, 10-15 microns) of the skin, the Micro Laser Peel is a minimal to complete epidermal peel (10-50 microns). Secondly, the microdermabrasion recovery period is usually a few hours and only minor redness will appear on the patient’s skin after treatment. In contrast, the Micro Laser Peel recovery time is generally three to four days with the patients having symptoms that resemble sunburn.


A patient who underwent the Micro Laser Peel will appreciate the results of this procedure for at least six to twelve months. Yet, more procedures can be conducted as required.  For extended results, a regimented program of three to four treatments might be conducted. With certainty, we will recommend the most suitable treatment programs for you during the consultation.


The patient should expect smoother, fresher, and healthier skin. A significant and instantaneous change in skin texture and tightness will be noticeable when compared to microdermabrasion. The application of an ice pack for a few minutes after the procedure might be recommended. Nevertheless, an ointment will be employed after the treatment in order to act as a barrier and obstruct air particles from touching the skin, while a new epithelium will form. For the next two days after the procedure, an ointment will be supplied for you to take home and apply. The recovery time differs from patient to patient but it usually takes approximately 3-5 days. The first day will feel t you like you had bad sunburn. Over the next two days, the patient will have minor peeling and irritation. However, by day 3 the redness on the skin will start to disappear. The patient can therefore begin using their regular moisturizer after 2 days and use make-up after the third day. A mineral make-up is recommended since it covers the redness and it is not a source for bacteria maturation.


Thirty to forty-five minutes before the procedure begins, an anesthetic called Ela-max, Emla, or Betacaine Plus is administered to the treatment section of the skin.


There is no need to wear any type of bandages after the procedure. The surgeon will hand you a prescription for an ointment such as Aquaphor or Vaseline which will create an impediment for the air to touch your skin while new epithelium will grow. The prescribed ointment is usually used for one or two days immediately following the procedure.


The Recovery time differs from patient to patient. However, it usually takes two to four days. If the procedure is conducted on Thursday or Friday, the patient can go back to work the next Monday. There is only one side effect of the Micro Laser peel; the treated section of the skin will experience symptoms resembling a sunburn. Minor sloughing and irritation might be experienced the following day as well. By the second day, redness will start to disappear and by the third day, the patient should experience only slight redness.