Ear Surgery

Why undergo Ear Surgery & What is it ? A number of individuals are discontent with either the size or the shape of their ears. Their ears can be asymmetrical, droop too low or might protrude more than they should. This dissatisfaction and disappointment can start as early as childhood, where children get teased by their peers at school. Nevertheless, in adulthood, several people might go to great lengths to hide their undesirable features with their hair or by the use of hats. Luckily, ear surgery also called otoplasty, is promptly available to cosmetically alter the ears. This intervention can only be undergone by an experienced plastic surgeon, since it can have a powerful impact on one’s appearance, confidence as well as quality of life. This reparative surgery is highly popular among adults and children alike. It is imperative to be well informed and to get all pertinent details before undergoing a surgery. For these reasons a consultation with Dr. Gaby Doumit is recommended. Ear Surgery Procedure The goal of this intervention is to produce a more symmetrical, natural-looking ears with no obvious signs that surgery has been performed and minimal complications, despite patient differences in gender, age, or magnitude of defect. In addition to the surgery to reshape the ears, there are also aesthetic surgical methods that involve only the earlobes. Whether they are large, stretched, with deep creases or wrinkles, or torn, the Doctor can correct them or improve them through minor interventions that can be undergone alone or in conjunction with other facial surgery. Pre-op After having been evaluated during the consultation with Dr. Doumit and after discussing the best surgical plan to fulfills your desires and meet your individual needs, instructions will be given to you about how to prepare for your surgery. Guidelines on eating, drinking and medications such as avoiding aspirin or anti-flammatory medications that promote bleeding. As with all surgery in general, the patient should arrange to be accompanied to and from the surgery. The surgery Among different techniques to ameliorate the protrusion of the ears, one of the most frequent involves a small incision made in the back of the ear to expose the ear cartilage. The surgeon, Dr. Doumit, will then sculpt and shape the cartilage in order to curve it back towards the head. The surgery generally leaves a scar at the back of the ear that fades and disappears over time. Post-op Ear surgery is normally an outpatient procedure. Patients are allowed to return home the same day. The patient’s head will be wrapped in a turban-like bandage right after the intervention. This dressing will help to protect the ears in the first stages of healing and will also contribute to proper healing. However, within a few days a headband will replace the full-wrap bandage. Dr. Gaby Doumit is an assistant professor at the most famous universities- Cleveland Clinic Foundation and University of Montreal. Dr. Doumit is a skillful and experienced surgeon who first sits with you and takes the amount of time needed to understand your health condition in order to give you the most suitable options for you. Moreover, you will receive regular follow-ups, either pre or post-surgery to supply you with the essential information

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