Facelift alternatives

Nowadays, technology is a fundamental part of our lives, whether we are talking about agriculture, media, science, or cosmetics. In cosmetic, the famous procedure, which transforms one’s look into an appealing and beautiful appearance, is called Facelift. However, lately a new technological innovation was introduced, known as non-surgical procedures that still achieve the expected younger and fresher look.

New facelift procedure without surgery

Since this new type of treatment has been provided to people, demands had increased tremendously. One reason behind this growth in demand was that the majority of patients, who wanted a facelift, were afraid of the term surgery and thus withdrawn. The second reason was the fact that, this procedure has a shorter recovery time and carried lower risks of infections compared to the surgical procedure.

Venous freeze

At le centre de chirurgie plastique dr montréal we offers venous freeze. A painless treatment that will rejuvenate your face and body in less then one hour.

Dermal fillers

Another option available is the liquid facelift. In this procedure, a chemical agent is injected, such as derma fillers (hyaluronic acid). Derma fillers have the goal to reduce the lines and the wrinkles around the eyes. This procedure has usually a none or few side-effects such as redness, swelling, and dizziness. In only a minority of cases, patients complained about mild pain. If the patient decides to opt for this treatment, it will require a touch up once a year.

Chemical peels

If your wish is to remove wrinkles on your face, while at the same time purify your skin; the best suggestion is the chemical peels. Your skin will look fresher and younger both simultaneously. Moreover, there are numerous peeling options available with different skin penetration and various types of effects. It is strongly recommended to ask dr. Doumit doctor whether this procedure is right for you. Dr. Doumit will recommend you the most suited chemical peel treatment for you, based on your skin condition.

You need a consultant for such decisions

It is recommended that if you are interested in undergoing a facelift and desire rejuvenated skin, you should consult a skin expert, so he or she can suggest the most suitable options for you. Only an expert can advise and explain to you how to achieve the desired results with lesser side-effects in order to achieve successful outcomes. One should search for renowned and certified institutes. It is recommended to make an appointment with dr. Doumit for a consultation, to evaluate the condition of your skin, guide you through the process as well as suggest you suitable non-surgical treatments that suits you the best.

Who is Dr Gaby Doumit?

Performing a facelift Takes years of experience and should always be completed by experts and professionals for achieving the best results.   Dr. Doumit is Renown plastic surgeon in montreal, he is an assistant professor of surgery at the widely acclaimed and highly honoured cleveland clinic foundation and university of montreal. Nevertheless, he is part of many considerable associations such as the american society of plastic surgeons, royal college, harvard medical college and many others.   His great achievement of awards and appreciations throughout the world for his services has made him a renowned surgeon, performing facelift services even for celebrities. To know more about him and offered surgical and non-surgical services, visit website: Http://Docteurchirurgieplastique.Com

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