Facial rejuvenation surgery – facial skin care treatments

Facelift are designed to produce a natural-appearing result without the tell-tale signs that patients have undergone any type of surgical procedure. 

* Disclaimer: Those pictures represent real patients operated by Dr. Doumit. However, Patients results undergoing plastic surgery can vary from one to the other depending on multiple factors. Every day, we see the effects of aging in the mirror: sunken cheeks, deepening lines around the mouth, sagging jowls and neck skin. You can not stop the aging process, but you can choose to have a younger-looking face. Everyday, men and women make the choice to erase these signs of aging by facial rejuvenation surgery. Many nonsurgical and surgical options are available to erase the signs of aging. However, only facelift can provide truly satisfying results. Laser resurfacing, Hyaluronic acid injections, or chemical peels can sometimes delay the need for a facelift. However, when excess skin needs to be removed, fat sculpted, and muscles repositioned, a facelift is the only option. Each facelift performed by Dr. Doumit is tailored to the patient’s face, whether to smooth forehead wrinkles, correct sagging eyebrows; crow’s feet or deep lines in the cheeks; enhance cheekbones; remove jowls; or restore neck firmness (fatty deposits, reduced muscle tone and excess skin). Every sign of aging is treatable during a facelift, whether it involves fat, muscle or skin. Local or general anesthetic may be used, at the patient’s discretion. Incisions are hidden in the natural folds around and behind the ear, or above the hairline, leaving virtually no visible scars. In fact, work performed under the skin is often the most effective and delivers long-lasting results. Exaggerated tightening is avoided, and the result is quite natural. You will look well rested and refreshed. In the case of chin folds, a small incision is made in the natural fold under the chin. The two edges of the neck muscle (platysma) causing the folds are attached together. Wrinkles around the lips respond very well to dermabrasion or chemical peel, which can be done at the same time as a facelift. Finally, eyelid surgery is also usually performed during a facelift, and brow lifts may also be recommended. Most of the swelling and bruising disappears in two weeks, which is when patients generally return to work. Tissue softness and skin sensitivity will return after a few months.The risks of surgery are quite small in the hands of Dr. Doumit, a certified and experienced plastic surgeon. Although facial rejuvenation turns back the clock several years, no one can stop the aging process. The facelift will last about ten years. Even one facelift can take years off your face, forever giving you a younger appearance. Dr. Doumit is ready to speak with you and offer you his expert advice.

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