Tired to look older? The mini facelift surgery will help you look younger

Aging impact and scares almost all of us. With aging, we look tired and less attractive. The Advances in plastic surgery Has helped our patients maintain a younger and natural look.

* disclaimer: those pictures represent real patients operated by dr. Doumit. However, patients results undergoing plastic surgery can vary from one to the other depending on multiple factors.With the help of Cosmetic facial surgery, you can get the face that resembles the look of years ago. The effects of increasing age can be erased and replaced with a youthful and attractive look.

What is a mini facelift surgery?

Mini facelift surgery Is performed when the skin, fat and muscles of the face and cheek sag. However, sagging must not be very severe or affect the neck a lot . Otherwise, a traditional face and neck lift will be indicated.

The procedure:

The procedure of mini Facelift Surgery includes making of a short incision just along each ear, so that the deep tissues of the face can be accessed for alteration. The smas (muscle layer) is repositioned to a higher position on the face  with the help of the stitches. The skin is redraped and excess skin is removed to a young-looking appearance. The jaw line will be better defined. The mini facelift is minimally invasive when compared to the traditional facelift. It can be even performed under local anesthesia.

Results & recovery after the procedure:

Youthful and natural results without signs of surgery are to be expected. Jaw lines are better defined. Cheeks are better positioned and facial wrinkles are removed. Confidence will be infused in you. The recovery period after mini facelift is 7 to 10 days. Pain is minimal and well controlled with medication. Swelling and bruising are mostly gone within 10 days.

Adjunctive procedure to a mini facelift

Mini face lift enhance the cheeks, define the jawline and it improves the nasolabial fold. The neck is improved but not to the same degree as in a traditional facelift. However, the eyebrows and forehead are not enhanced by a Mini facelift. Many patients planning to undergo the mini facelift surgery combines this procedure with other facelift surgeries such as lip lift, fat injection,  browlift, blepharoplasty, Laser Resurfacing or dermal fillers etc. To have the maximum benefit at one go.

Why choose a mini facelift?

If you want to look younger, refreshed with minimal recovery time, a mini face lift is right for you. A mini facelift will last you around 10 years. As contrary to the fillers, which are required on a yearly basis and will not give the same enhancement.

Mini facelift surgery by dr. Gaby Doumit:

If you are planning to undergo any Types of cosmetic surgery In canada (montreal, quebec, gatineau and ottawa) or in the united states (cleveland), dr. Gaby doumit will provide you the best possible results. May it be a mini factlift or a Traditional facelift surgery; no one can perform it better than dr gaby doumit. For having thorough info about the procedures and numerous types of cosmetic surgeries, please visit our website Docteurchirurgieplastique.Com. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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