Want to improve your saggy facial skin? Opt for a facelift surgery

Facial cosmetic surgery has emerged as the gold standard treatment for people who are not happy with their aging look. 

* disclaimer: those pictures represent real patients operated by dr. Doumit. However, patients results undergoing plastic surgery can vary from one to the other depending on multiple factors. The main goal of facial cosmetic surgery is to provide an attractive, youthful appearance by removing the aging effects: 1) skin sagging 2) facial fat atrophy 3) facial bone resorption. Out of the various type of facial surgeries available, we will be discussing the traditional Facelift Surgery, also known as the rhytidectomy.

What is a facelift surgery?

A facelift surgery is defined as correcting the aging process from the level of the eyes down to the collarbone. Hence, it rejuvenates the cheeks, midface, jawline and neck.  Face and neck lift eliminates the excess facial/neck skin, replenish the facial fat volume and reposition the facial muscles to its youthful position.

Method of operation:

The Facelift surgery procedure Starts with an incision that originates from the temporal area above the ear into the Hair. Which then continues towards the outer line of the ear, then behind the ear into the hairline. The skin incision makes the deeper facial soft tissues accessible after which the skin and fatty tissues are relocated in a more youthful manner and the excess skin is removed. After the removal of the excess skin, the primary muscles and fascia is stiffened with the help of sutures and then skin is tightened  for a natural look without wrinkles. After completion of the work, the cut is closed with stitches. For getting complete results of this surgery, other procedures also may be combined with this one, like lip lifting, eye brows lifting, chin implants, fat injection etc.

Consequence and period for recovery:

The outcome of whole of the Facelift procedure Is a fresh and younger looking face, which looks like the face of 10 years back. The recovery period would be of approximately 10-14 days (varies with person to person).  Bruises and swelling resolves  mostly within 10 to 14 days. Pain is usually minimal.


Although the post-surgery complications are very infrequent but still you should be aware of them, they include:

  • Bruising, bleeding or hematoma
  • Broadened scar
  • Infection
  • Nerve injury
  • Hair Loss (at the place of incision)
  • Numbness, pain or swelling
  • Uneven both sides
  • Slow wound healing with damage of skin

Dr. Doumit’s facelift are designed to produce a natural-appearing result:

The results of this surgery are expected to last for a period of 10 years. If you are searching for the renown plastic/cosmetic surgeon, who can take help you and offer you the best possible care  in canada ( montreal, ottawa,, quebec, gatineau) then you can for sure opt for dr. Gaby doumit, a very experienced and a World renown plastic surgeon. The address of the website that features all the details related to dr. Doumit is Docteurchirurgieplastique.Com. You will not only find all the information related to various Types of cosmetic surgery But also before and after pictures and testimonials of the patients who had relied on dr. Doumit. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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