What is facelift and how much it costs?

The meaning of “Facelift” is to “enhance the appearance, renovate, restore, makeover…” in plastic surgery, it is a procedure that restores the youthful natural look and enhances the attractiveness of a person.

* disclaimer: those pictures represent real patients operated by dr. Doumit. However, patients results undergoing plastic surgery can vary from one to the other depending on multiple factors.

Understanding the term “facelift”

Facelift accomplishes those goals by removing excess skin and by repositioning the muscle and fat component of the face to their youthful positions. More often than not, facelift is combined with fat injection to the face to replenish the fat component of the face to its youthful volume. Facelift is commonly performed. Many well-known celebrities underwent facelift surgery; and some by dr. Doumit.

Cost to have facelift

The Cost of a facelift Varies according to the severity of aging. Mild facial aging can be restored to its youthful, refreshed look with a mini face-lift, which costs 5 900$. A more severely aged face will require a full face and neck lift, which can cost around 8 900$. Facelift is commonly performed in male. Facelift surgery cost For male patients in most cases tend to be the same as female patients.

Benefits of facelift surgery

The face is our most effective mean of communication with the outside world. With aging, we lose our attractiveness and we appear fatigued. Consequently, aging can affect our confidence, our success, and our relationship with the others. Facelift will rejuvenate the face to a refresh, youthful and natural look. It is a long lasting procedure. When performed by an experienced surgeon, like dr. Gaby doumit, the risk of complications is minimal and the results are natural and long lasting.

Facelift is often combined with other cosmetic plastic surgery

It is crucial for the patient to find a board certified plastic surgeon with a special expertise in the face. An experienced surgeon will analyze the face, diagnose the different aging components of the face and offer his patient the right treatment plan. Facelift is often combined with Laser Treatment of the facial skin to treat sun damage or old age skin marks. Cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), eyebrow lift, fat injection and/or neck lift are often combined with a facelift to offer the patient the best possible rejuvenation results.

Understand your need 

Undergoing a facelift is a personal decision. It is crucial for the patient to be certain of his or her decision. Dr. Doumit will offer you an honest professional opinion about the Benefit of a facelift surgery For you and whether you are a good candidate or not.

Why do you need dr. Gaby doumit’s?

Dr. Gaby doumit’s is a world-renowned Renown plastic surgeon in montreal With a proven record. As director of the craniofacial surgery unit at the world renowned cleveland clinic, he performed many cosmetic plastic surgeries on celebrities and royalties. He is proven to deliver natural-appearing results with minimal risk of complications.  Dr. Doumit will analyze each of his patients face and he will execute a personalized treatment plan according to the patient aging process and anatomy. The goal is a long lasting natural results!

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