What is breast augmentation and post surgery precautions?

Breast augmentation and lift  Is a surgical procedure to enhance the shape of the breasts following  weight loss or pregnancy. The purpose of this procedure is to lift, resize, and give fullness to the breasts. It is also called augmentation mastopexy surgery.

What is breast implant?

Breast Implant includes injecting fluid in the breast to improve breast size, and shape. There are two Types of breast implants -silicone and saline.

What are the post operation precautions?

Do not start working or driving immediately after the operation. Your body is healing and at that point of time it needs relaxation and rest. It is recommended to rest for a few days and never miss a follow-up appointment with the doctor. You might feel pain in your body after the surgery. You should tell your doctor about it. However, do not take aspirin or anacin within 10 days of the operation. There are other medicines available on the market for pain and headache. Consult a good doctor, or your current doctor and take his prescription. When you are taking pain medicines, do not drink and drive since it might cause dizziness.

Also, ask for muscle relaxant precautions.

The doctor will suggest you to wear a soft bra after the operation is done. They are also known as surgical bras. There are many different bras, thus you should ask which one to wear and which one not to. You can have a simple bath, with clean water, but avoid swimming in a pool or an ocean. The ocean water and swimming pool chemical water will harm you. If you have already done all the research before undergoing surgery, you have the knowledge that the following symptoms might occur: scars, itching, and pain. According to doctors, these symptoms are usual and it can happen in almost every cases. Also, it is completely normal that your scars, which have turned red do not bother you. However, you can ask for some lotion to make your scars fade faster. It important that you avoid bringing your scars in direct contact with the sun.

Depending on your condition, your doctor might also suggest you breast massage.

Take all these posts-surgery, prescriptions and precautions seriously and contact your doctor in any of the following cases; 1. Severe pain 2. Fever 3. Extreme dizziness 4. Excessive reddishness take note that the doctor will call you for your next follow-up or check-up.

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